A World Apart

Non-fungible token

edition of 9, 2021

TORCH Gallery is happy to present A World Apart, a new, entirely digital artwork by Thijs Zweers. With this work Thijs enters the fascinating realm of crypto art and NFTs, which are causing a revolution in the art world. More than just becoming part of the phenomenon, the artist reacts to it, reflecting on the value of digital possessions and the boundaries between our world and the virtual one.


“The interesting part about crypto art is that it’s completely digital but has a very physical value. It exists and it doesn’t exist at the same time,” Thijs states. His latest work is an idyllic jungle landscape that is removed from an actual landscape by multiple layers. It moved between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ several times during its production process. What started out as a computer sketch was turned into a charcoal drawing, which then became the purely digital end product. The ‘original’ was destroyed by the artist, a radical act proving his complete embrace of the virtual world.


A World Apart is available on the platform Rarible. It can be bought with the cryptocurrency Ethereum. LINK