Thijs Zweers

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution VIII (2020). Charcoal, spraypaint, neon. 70 x 60 cm.

Named after the popular videogame, these pieces can be seen as a description of the essence of my recent works; humans are capable of creatively arranging immaterial mathematical data. A sequence of binary values, ones and zeros, can be used for expression and creation without material boundaries. A logical system of data is rapidly transforming into a chaotic choreography, a jungle of images, movements and flickering lights.

In these dark drawings made with Siberian chalk and charcoal, I examine the boundaries between our world and the virtual one. Preceding every drawing, I create a wayward digital setting from behind the computer; I design a world full of plants, trees and bushes. Once the designing process is finished, I transfers these images through graphic means, by hand, on to the canvas. The electronic addition to the drawing enforces the notion of a digital image, in spite of the traditional technique I use for the drawing.

Dance Dance Revolution VII (2020). Charcoal, spraypaint, neon. 120 x 100 cm.

Dance Dance Revolution I (2019). Charcoal, spraypaint, neon. 140 x 120 cm.

Dance Dance Revolution II (2019). Charcoal, spraypaint, neon. 130 x 110 cm.

Dance Dance Revolution V (2019). Charcoal, neon. 60 x 50 cm.